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3D printing 4DMIXX provides consulting and services based on 3D modeling files using a variety of materials and devices.

FDM 방식
Printable materials: PLA, ABS, TPU, TPE, temp, wood-feel, POM, PETG, PC, PA, PP, CF, etc.
Maximum output size: up to 1000/1000/1000 mm

Lamination method of 3D printing where thermosetting materials are melted and injected from the nozzle

Stage where post-processing is required due to lamination condensation or where samples can be made for low prices

SLA 방식
Printable materials: tough, clear, white, ABS, H, R (heat-resistant, 270 degrees or below / 289 degrees), flexible
Maximum output size: within 1600/800/300 mm

Method where laser is projected into a water tank containing thermosetting liquid resin and the laser contact section is laminated

Good quality that allows color coating application as laminating layer is not clearly visible (depending on selection)

MJP 방식
Printable material: M3-CRYSTAL (IVORY)
Maximum output sizes: 298, 185, 203 mm

Method of laminating along with thermosetting plastic resin and casting wax materials

There are no support marks, but the rolling format leaves marks on the upper side.

With layer thickness and accuracy of 16 microns, post-processing is convenient and allows for production of fairly small products.

CJP 방식
Printable material: plaster powder (pastel full color)
Maximum output sizes: 254, 381, 203mm

Method where small size powder type plastic, metal, and glass materials are melted and coagulated using a laser, and layers are stacked in three dimensions

Allows for expression in full-color pastel tones. Post-processing is required for rough surfaces.

DLP 방식
Printable material: Resin(ABS-L/KE);Gray,White,Trasnparente,Translucence(Green,Blue)
Maximum output sizes: 345,194,400 mm

The method is to project a black-and-white light source and harden the area where the light source touches and build it.

It has the advantage of reducing time, but the characteristic that quality is inferior to SLA.
Suitable for small precision parts or accessories, such as figures.